This page is for anyone who would like to share a skill with us. It can be anything as long it teaches or show us how to achieve something. Everyone will have a slightly different way of doing the same thing so please respect each others methods.  
Natural Cures

When our Grandmothers needed to attend to the bumps, bruises, fevers and other illnesses their family suffered, they didn't have a corner drugstore. Instead these good women relied on simple wisdom, common sense, as well as herbal remedies. With few exceptions, these herbal remedies were made from plants and herbs that grew in the garden or were gathered in the fields and woods surrounding their homes. There is a growing awareness of the importance of returning to the use of whole foods and healthy herbs into our modern lives. Here is a link which you might find interesting. Click on the image.

In St. Vincent we have what is known as Tri-Tri season, and the beach becomes a hub of excitment as people appear from everywhere with buckets or anything that can be filled. In the old days people used to tell each other "Tri Tri ah come" but it is such a premium these days, everyone tries to keep it quiet. "Tri-Tri" comes shortly after the quarter moon. At the mouth of the river  sheets are spread out and as the dawn breaks, and the sun throws its first light on the sea, the tiny fishes can be seen glistening in the water.. It is sold by the scoop.

How to make Tri Tri Cakes

This Recipe was submitted by a Georgetown girl "Brownsugar Tightly Packed"


2 cups of Tri Tri

1 1/2 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp of baking powder

2-3 cups of water

1 medium onion and 2 cloves of garlic

1 cup of oil Seasoning ( your choice/ season to taste) 


Wash and clean Tri Tri to remove all sand and debris, Season Tri Tri with seasonings of your choice. Then cover and let sit for half an hour.  Mince onion and garlic as fine as possible. ( sprinkle over already seasoned Tri Tri)


Mix 1/2 cup of flour into seasoned Tri Tri and mix thoroughly. Add in water, half a cup at a time. Repeat until all flour is added. (Careful not to make the mix too thin) Only adding rest of water gradually until it gets to a medium consistency (not too thick or thin) Add baking powder and mix well and then let sit for 10-15 minutes. Get a large skillet or frying pan and pour enough oil to cover bottom of frying pan/skillet. Then heat oil on medium. (Take a bit of flour and drop it in frying pan/skillet if it sizzles oil is hot enough). Make sure to stir the Tri Tri mixture before frying. Then drop in the mixture in the frying pan/skillet with a slightly larger spoon than a tablespoon. Fry until golden on one side then flip over. Remove when both sides are golden. Repeat until all mixture is finished.

Madungo  Bakes

1 lb Madungo (Cassava starch)

1/2 Coconut (grated)

1/4 Nutmeg (grated)

1/4 cup Easy Bake flour (optional)     

Pinch of Salt

Cinnamon to taste   

Brown Sugar to taste     



Put some water in a pot to boil. Use water from pipe to make Madungo into a ball. Place the madungo ball into the boiling water until the outside forms into a “Glue-like” looking skin. This process takes about 2-3 minutes.

Remove the ball from the pot; place it in a container large enough to knead, then using a spoon peel the outside (glue-like skin) from the madungo ball. Then mash ball while it is hot.

 Warm banana leaf over fire, wrap portions in the banana leaf  and bake in an iron pot, skillet or copper. Remove the banana leaf when about ¾ baked to give crunch and color to outside.

Recipe from ECGC

Vincy Boilene 

1lb Fish (Cleaned and seasoned)

1 Dry Coconut or 1 small can1 Coconut milk

1 Small cooking (green/young) Breadfruit

6 Green Bananas

1lb Easy Bake All Purpose Flour

4oz Corn Meal or Grated Coconut

12 cups Water

Ground Provision (dasheen, eddoes, sweet Potatoes, tannia, yam) as desired Seasoning (Celery, onions, chive, garlic, salt and pepper


Grate coconut, putting aside 4oz for dumplings and the remainder, squeeze to extract milk. Use flour along with coconut to prepare dumplings. Wash and peal all vegetables. Bring water to boil, cut breadfruit into 4 pieces and cut out the inside (gut)Further cut each quadrant into three slices. Let breadfruit boil for 10 to 15 minutes. Chop ground provision and add to the pot, then add dumplings and bananas at 5 minute intervals.

Season to taste (then stir in coconut milk) and boil for 15 to 20 minutes. Place the fish at the tip of the food; Cook 10 minutes more allowing the fish flavor to seep through the rest of the pot.

Recipe from ECGC

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